Business Problem

Betty Mills has always been a data-driven company, but had reached a scale where ad-hoc reporting just took way too much time and money. Running analyses of customer lifetime value by acquisition channel usually took an outside consultant a couple of weeks, and by the time the marketing team had the data in their hands it was already out-of-date.

The team knew they needed a solution, but had only ever had experience with legacy enterprise business intelligence software. They were very skeptical of vendors (including RJMetrics!) who promised end-to-end cloud BI.


The implementation started with a limited scope: analyze customer lifetime value by acquisition channel on a real-time basis. However, as the team at Betty Mills began to get more comfortable with RJMetrics, they began to realize how much more they could use it for.

Over the course of 12 weeks, they trained eight employees from four departments—marketing, finance, merchandizing, and customer service—to use the tool. “We never anticipated rolling RJMetrics out this broadly,” says Victor Hanna, CEO. “We were thinking about it as a way to get customer lifetime value, but the project has just kept growing. Simplicity and ease-of-use has really driven that; our employees pick it up immediately.”

“RJMetrics has changed our business over the past 12 weeks. We feel like we have the tools that a Fortune 500 has at our disposal."

Victor Hanna, CEO

Ongoing Value and Support

Betty Mills now has an end-to-end view of its business from within a single dashboard, and saves countless hours of repetetive human labor by not producing manual reports. As Victor says, “The level of detail of where we’re able to get on almost any metric in our business is really remarkable, and it’s only been 12 weeks. It’s almost changed our business in that time period. We feel like we have the tools that a fortune 500 has at our disposal.”

Betty Mills knows how to act on its data, too: its using RJMetrics’ dashboards to improve margin on some of their highest-velocity products. The team makes small marginal changes to product pricing and evaluates the effects on sales velocity. As a result, they’ve been able to improve margins broadly across their product mix.

If you run an ecommerce store, you’ve probably struggled with setting prices for your products.

“RJMetrics is like night vision goggles for our business,” says Victor. “I feel like we can see things that other businesses just can’t see.”